About the Rolling Star [Sterling Silver or Native Wood]

The Native Wood Rolling Star helps the meditator select a daily meditation to find peace/when the Rolling Star is still it reveals a symbol on its top flat surface/helps to focus the mind and find peace
Native Wood Rolling Star.
The Sterling Silver Rolling Star is a premium product/designed to help select a symbol/each symbol is linked to a meditation/meditations can be read in the Stars of Aroha Meditations book/starsofaroha.co.nz#starsofaroha
Sterling Silver Rolling Star

The Rolling Star is a quality guided meditation tool made in either Native Wood or solid Sterling Silver.  The Rolling Stars have been designed to help the meditator select a guided meditation just when it is needed.

Select Your Guided Meditation

Our Rolling Star is an icosahedron (20-sided) shape. We call these 20 sides the ‘points of the stars’ and each one carries a unique symbol engraved on the surface.

When the Rolling Star is tumbled in its pouch or rolled on a soft flat surface, a symbol is revealed on the top flat surface when it comes to a standstill. Go to the Meditations book and find your unique symbol and its guided meditation.

View our YouTube demonstration videos [under the product page] to see how easily you can select your meditation.

Hand Crafted in Native Wood or Solid Sterling Silver

Our Native Wood Rolling Star is crafted from native wood and our Sterling Silver Rolling Star is cast in solid sterling silver and then hand polished by a manufacturing jeweller in New Zealand.

Each Sterling Silver Rolling Star weighs in at a hefty 40g approx. The Native Wood Rolling Star is twice as large as the Sterling Silver Rolling Star but weighs a lot less.

Caring For Your Native Wood or Sterling Silver Rolling Star

  • The Native Wood Rolling Star should be rolled on a soft flat surface (I.e. soft fabric).
  • The Sterling Silver Rolling Star is a quality meditation talisman and should be treated in the same way you would a precious piece of jewellery.
  • Rolling Stars should always be gently tumbled in a soft pouch or rolled on a soft flat surface to select a meditation symbol.
  • Only use a good quality jewellery cleaning product to care for your Sterling Sliver Rolling Star and a soft cloth to buff.
  • Each Rolling Star is unique and any differences or anomalies are a natural part of the product – each one will be slightly different due to the nature of hand finishing.