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The Meditations book helps people to focus their mind/supports the meditator to find peace during stressful times/starsofaroha.co.nz/#starsofaroha
Nette and Stars of Aroha Meditations book, 2017,

After Nette was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 we were highly motivated to find peace. We began with short meditations and immediately felt the benefits of going within.

We want to support Peace to flourish through guided meditation. Aotearoa New Zealand’s natural landscape provides the perfect setting for the Stars of Aroha® Meditations. This is a new approach in guided meditation.

The first of the Stars of Aroha® Meditations were written just prior to her mastectomy. Guided meditation helped us. We hope it helps you find peace in your life.


Since beginning our venture to help others find Peace we have received many words of encouragement and support. We felt the doors open to us at every stage of the product development phase right through to launching our guided meditation business onto the national and international market. The right people seemed to turn up just at the right time with the right information and skills required. We are so grateful to our family, friends, creative business partners, colleagues, cultural and business mentors and the charitable organisations who believe in us and what we are doing. Perhaps the greatest encouragement we have had is from people, who when introduced to the Stars of Aroha® guided meditations for the first time, made an instant affinity with the concept and products.

Everyone seems to love the Rolling Star and its shape and symbols. We have enjoyed watching the delight on childrens’ faces as they seek and find each of the 20 engraved symbols. Men seem to enjoy the size, shape and weight of the Rolling Star and will often sit for long periods of time rolling it between their fingers. It is inspiring to see people respond to the ancient indigenous content and our own spiritual ‘Peace’ inspired interpretations within the guided meditations.

Most heart warming for us are the stories people have shared about how their experience of using the guided meditation tools to help them to reconnect with an estranged loved one, or they gained a sense of peacefulness about a specific situation through clarifying the next step forward. We welcome your stories. Please feel free to email us and be sure to let us know if you would like your story to be shared with others. Sharing our stories is a great way to give encouragement and affirm each other on the life journey.


Dr Tess Huia Moeke-Maxwell (PhD, MNZAC) conceptualised and developed the idea for the Stars of Aroha® Meditations and the Rolling Star in 2015. On her mother’s father’s side she comes from Ngāti Porou, Horouta waka (canoe) and Ngāi Tai ki Umupuia, Tainui waka. She also has Scottish forebears. On her Māori grandmothers’ descent lines she hails from Ngāti Porou, Horouta waka. Her Pākehā father’s family are of fifth generation Irish descent. Tess has a background in Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies. Her Doctorate of Philosophy focused on Māori women’s post-colonial identity. She is currently a Research Fellow and contributes to Māori palliative care and end of life research.

Nette Scurr was born in Tauranga and has lived in New Zealand all her life. She has English and Pākehā ancestry. Nette is a registered nurse; her nursing career started on hospital wards and then she worked as a community hospice nurse.  Currently Nette works as a registered community nurse in South Auckland.