About Our Charity Work

About our charity work


‘Know Peace’ – Charity Work

How can we help to promote peace?

We  want to support initiatives that promote conversations about peace. We all have times when we struggle with the day-to-day demands of life. Being able to obtain a peaceful mind helps. Sometimes we struggle with one of those unexpected curve-ball situations that life throws at us (like cancer). Knowing ‘peace’ helps.

We have chosen three worthy charitable organisations to support…

  • Sweet Louise Breast Cancer Charitable Trust
  • New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Hospice New Zealand.

Sweet Louise Charitable Trust

Stars of Aroha® is a service provider for Sweet Louise, a charitable organisation that provides strategies, therapies, services and support for New Zealand women and men living with secondary breast cancer. Stars of Aroha® is one of the services on offer to Sweet Louise Members to help improve their well-being and quality of life. www.sweetlouise.co.nz

The concept of our charitable work is simple. We believe that every human being has 3 basic human rights:

  1. The right to know Peace
  2. The right to make Peace
  3. The right to share Peace

Conversations that promote peace can open the hearts, minds and souls of people everywhere – from the youngest young to the oldest old.

The charities we selected support our vision to spread peace through education initiatives that are designed to promote conversations about peace in New Zealand. Our charitable donation will contribute to supporting conversations about “Knowing Peace”.