NZ Listener Article – Moana’s Generous Testimonial, Oct 5-11, 2016

We were very moved by Moana’s story about how she lived every moment of every day to its fullest despite the fact that she was living with incurable breast cancer.  In fact, Moana said, “For now I’m going to bloody well live”.

When Moana’s story appeared in the NZ Listener (a popular New Zealand weekly news-type magazine) we only knew about it because our phones started ringing as people began to place orders for Stars of Aroha meditation products (and quoting Moana’s inspirational story).

You see when the reporter (Claire De Lore) asked Moana if she was reading anything to help her Moana replied that she was using the Stars of Aroha mediation tools and was now “a convert” to meditation.

Moana said “I always thought those were namby-pamby type things, but I really should have tried it before I knocked it. Bottom line, I find myself focused on what I do for the day and I am calm. I have more inner strength”.

This post is a tribute to beautiful Moana who left her body and returned home a short while ago.

Moemoea, moemoea – rest in peace Moana.