Stories are a wonderful way to inspire and uplift each other. We encourage you to send us your story about how the Stars of Aroha® Guided Meditations’ tools supported or inspired you or someone you know. We will select stories (or parts of stories) to inlcude on our Stories page so that others can share in this uplifting experience. Thank you for helping people to know peace.

Thank you for your beautiful gift. The parcel arrived on Friday morning and I’m extremely pleased with it. I especially enjoy choosing my meditations every night – and what lovely meditations they are!

Nga Mihi
– AW –

It was an interesting experience how I have been drawn to this beautiful Stars of Aroha moment. Love the energy and the ideas… Quite unique… I feel a very good vibe about Stars of Aroha… ???

– Elena –

I just wanted to thank you for today – it has given me a new path of direction and thought and I am feeling so much better in myself. I now have to start concentrating on ME and forget the other rubbish that is blocking me from doing my thing.

Blessings for now.
– Lynda –

Thank you so much for your poem. I read it yesterday, and again, your words, were very helpful. I pondered much on your communication, and wished to tell you about parts of my journey. I enjoy your articulation of light in practice, and so far as I can see it, how light manifests through your wordds. Can’t wait to hear more news from your blog.

Ngā mihi nunui

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